Jul 22, 2013

chilli peppers love

 My love affair with chilli peppers started in India, and never stopped. The fiery things are actually really good for you!  They are widely used in Asian countries for their antioxidant and antiseptic properties, to preserve food, and - surprisingly - to cool the body. They also contain an amazing level of vitamins and minerals, and can be powerful healers. Good article here.
Best still, they are so easy to grow!

       They grow in summer, they grow in winter, they grow on your window sill and some bear fruit all       year long. They look great in a tropical garden, and they look even better in a pot, against a snow covered window, pretending they are a Christmas decoration. And there are so many kinds!


    I dry them or pickle them in olive oil or vinegar (try adding carrots and honey...)
    Good recipes here and here. I still have to try homemade chilli jam!

All photos copyright Galeria Rocco


  1. les poivrons dans le bocal.. surement très bon!

  2. En vinaigre, avec les carottes et du miel...