Oct 30, 2013

for a bleak day

For a gloomy day outside, this simple leek on my window is such a sport! It really cheers me up.

                        photo copyright Galeria Rocco

Oct 6, 2013

still life with pumpkin

Pumkin, such a strange creature...

                                                     All photos copyright Galeria Rocco

Oct 1, 2013

Mediterranean inspired Sydney apartment

A Greek Santorini Island wedding and a Mediterranean honeymoon inspired this Sydney couple to add some Aegean touches to the renovation of their apartment.

The polished and glazed concrete finish in Kapari hotel (above) was the inspiration for the bathroom and balcony makeover

The vintage carpet purchased at the Grand Baazar in Istanbul adds sea color to the natural hues of the interior, and complements raw timber table handmade by the owner and a set of Balinese chairs.

The floors are still to be done, but in the meantime this custom made vintage steel and concrete coffee table acts as a centerpiece

The relaxed and uncluttered style of the apartment and the soft, natural hues makes you feel like you are still on the island...

 photos Henryk Lobaczewski