Sep 18, 2013

little objects of desire

These objects are not connected in any way...except, that I like them very much. Especially the bear.

                                                   photos via

Sep 14, 2013

I just found...

Lex Pott True Colors vases

I love the oxidized metal colors, the true colors metals come in nature. Dutch designer Lex Pott has been experimenting with the copper, iron, brass and aluminium, applying various chemical processes to create these beautiful objects of desire.

                                                                                 photos via Lex-Pott-True-Colours

Sep 2, 2013

coffee art

Coffee, glorious coffee...At one time the little bean was a priceless commodity, crushing markets, making people loose fortunes, and it came close to be banned by the church. Today it just gets us addicted, or at least enticed, by its flagrance, and rich brown color. With so many emotions involved, no wonder our morning beverage has become a medium for many artists. So, grab a hot cuppa and enjoy the little show...Below are some of my favourite finds in all their sepia-nesque splendor. 

                                                                       image via here

                                                        Coffee on canvass by Robert Davis

Latte art by Kazuki Yamamoto


Series of portraits by Michael Aaron Wiliams
painted with coffee on found sheets of used ledger paper that dates back to the 1920s and 30s. 

                                        Red coffee stain portrait by a Malasian artist Hong-yi

 Giant Eagle Owl knows all the answers by  Elizabeth Kendall

Umbrella by Michele Meister

Coffee Series by Help Alpert
First of Alpert's paintings were created in 2012 as a special gift to his daughter, Aria, with liquid, concentrated coffee. Fascinated by the result, he has since created more pieces, eventually incorporating other materials into his paintings.

Koi Fish by Georgeta Blanaru

And finally, something for the coffee table - a fascinating novel about the most famous bean:  The Coffee Trader by David Liss