Jul 25, 2013

frame it DIY

I freely admit, I don't like empty picture frames on the walls...to me they look sad and hollow.
You know, like they were made to frame something, and that something disappeared. I had frames without pictures on my walls at times, but they always held something to compensate the loss.
So for those like me, here are a few ideas of frame management:

                             a totally unique way to put a picture in a frame...

                              a seasonal frame decor from  Lush Home

                      A leaf from that special fall trip via  DECOmyplace                 

                             framed letter...or is it a laundry list?  Or a recipe?  via Jeanne d"Arc Living

    curtain hanger clips can hold many treasures...from Ikea

          these are really blank canvas, stamped and dressed in burlap pockets, to hold some goodies,
                                                                  tutorial via Makezine

                      not a real frame, but it pretends to be... from Etsy

                             this window frame is so gorgeous...

                             and this one makes the vintage posters feel right at home...

                                and this one looks very crafty.              
                                all above via dishfunctional designs

                                I wish you happy framing!!!


  1. What a great theme for a post -- with a whole bunch of creative ideas. Thanks!