Jul 30, 2012

how to make a unique message board/jewelry rack

I admit I felt very lucky finding this piece of old upholstery  in someone's attic...and  actually there were  three of them, and the owner was about to throw them out!  Once supporting a back of a sofa, these simple pieces instantly won me over. But they would be so easy to make, I thought they carry a universal message to share. So here's how one of those babies looked like on the wrong side, where all the action to make them takes place:

As you can see it's just a rectangular timber frame with some thick burlap upholstery tape (from upholstery supplies) nailed to it. The white paint is me, trying different approaches with white acrylic.  This particular tape is very wide, but they come in different sizes.

I painted the frame white with water diluted acrylic paint to show some timber through. Then I put a layer of crackling medium, and finally, a very diluted white acrylic layer on top, so instead of proper crackle I got a kind of smudged look. 
For painting the tape I used undiluted acrylic, leaving just a little bit of edge to show the coarse fabric. Then I glued on some letters and numbers (from craft supplies) to arrive at something like this:

It's from Alice in Wonderland, my all time fave, but the possibilities are endless!
As you see, my board has many old nail holes and cracks, that came handy when trying to decide, what to hang where, and add some old hooks...as well, as a very special hanging garden holder...

...but then again, it's just a hole, with a piece of double twisted wire stuck inside, strong enough to hold the weight of the first occupant of my board:

And here it is, all finished:

I didn't intend to hang my jewelry there, but as you see, one necklace already found it's way onto it. 
I hope it will inspire you to create something special!

Jul 24, 2012

vintage bottles bracelet holders

For those of us, who want to find that special bracelet at a glance, here's a tidy little idea to stack them. These vintage liqueur bottles were filled with pebbles and dry flower petals, but to be creative try layers of different color sand, seeds, dry herbs, tiny shells, beads, pearls...Great for small spaces and a touch of glamour on the go!

Jul 20, 2012

sea treasure

Coastal Dunes by Raelean Hall

Nothing feels more like being a world away than a walk along a deserted stretch of ocean shore, beachcombing for washed out treasure. The sea breeze mutes the brain chatter, and the treasure hunter in us focuses on things beneath our feet, brought from miles away for us to find, before someone else does. 
To conjure some of this feeling back for the time when the beach is too far away for a stroll, here I collected a few unique jewelry pieces, bringing the mystery of ocean depths and splash of the waves to your doorstep.

Sea Urchin Collection - Brass Pink Vintage Style Necklace

                                                          Sand and Pebbles - Seaglass Stack Pendant Necklace

Caribbean Shipwreck Pottery Pendant
Lost Galleon


Natural Doughtnut Earring

                     NINA MORROW driftwood jewelry
Rust Oval Pendant

Irish Sea Green Sea Glass Jewelry
Amber Collection
Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska

Wrapped Stacked Blood Red Coral Earrings
Rena Klingenberg

 seahorse spyglass necklace

Silver Shell Earrings

Treasure Island vintage assemblage necklace

Amber wrap sea glass earrings
Lita Sea Glass Jewelry

Broches yalos alanya

                                                                                           yalos alanya

Jul 15, 2012

tools of trade

My favorite tool of trade? One of these! 

Old school KOOH-I-NOOR pencils, inherited from my parents, add patina to my daily scribbles. They have the right weight, are beautiful to handle, and come with tiny sharpeners. You wouldn't expect less from a pencil named after the world's most famous jewel -  the legendary Kooh-I-Noor (Mountain of Light  in Persian) diamond from ancient Golconda, India.

Jul 14, 2012

mad design inc. has landed

Summer is in full swing and people around me are dreaming of far away beaches, bongo drums rolling softly, and orange sunset tequilas. My holiday mood translated into giving birth to this new, one and only, bauble arcade blog, featuring  jewelry - some made by me - and snippets of style, found or invented, that makes me tick. Quite a few challenges later I arrived to my first post, and here it is. 
And since it's summer and the lawn mowing outside brings in the smell of freshly cut flowers, while I'm eating raspberries, this post will be about...

summer sorbet jewelry shake

Dragon Fruit Sorbet, www.21food.com

For the time off duty and for the days to let the hair down, and take yourself less seriously, here's some eye candy that begs to be worn passionately and with casual, disheveled  flair of summer.Some looks good enough to eat too.

Leonora Dame Fabric Ball Statement Necklace


Spring Bracelet, Szwed Style

Recycled Earrings, Dorota Kos

made from newspaper by makkirequ

Cause and Effect Round Ring  Jackie Brazil World                       

Bold Green Thread Wrapped Statement Bib Necklace
theglossyqueen on Etsy

Hannah Studio soutache earrings, www.hannahstudio.pl


 Green Resin Bangle

Brazilian Brights Bracelet 






Classic Collection, Dinosaur Designs

Blood Orange Sorbet Recipe courtesy www.davidlebovitz.com
living the sweet life in Paris