Jun 26, 2013

grey design

Ok, let's talk grey. Amazing color! First, it goes with anything. Second - it lets you do whatever you always wanted...it will just fill the background for you, and it will make it look very classy. You can have your pick - very light, dreamy grey, mid grey, or a dark, stormy grey, depending on the mood...it will fill the gaps. Honestly. Like a best friend would. 
Here's some inspiration pics to get you started in style...

Thunderstorm grey, natural timber and a touch of gold...you can't go wrong. White accessories add the spark.

Some of the many shades of gorgeous grey.

For the industrial look aluminum silver pipes  and metal lampshade play against the black and white oversize prints and black wire furniture.

Rough concrete contrasted with graphite smooth table surface, white sofas and the delicate, soft carpet.

Grey as a canvas for the unusual ethnic pattern.

Minimalistic and chic, this entrance looks deceptively easy to achieve.

Stunning contrast of this bedroom speaks of quiet haven in the face of the storm. The fragile crystal lamp adds the final twist to this sparse bedroom.

Patterns, patterns...who said grey was boring? This room has an immediate relaxed atmosphere of funky joie de vivre.

Shiny purplish grey of the lampshades makes this room come alive.

Modern and loft like, simple edges of the furniture create canvas for the decorations in this lobby looking room.

Lots of white and dark grey floors are a perfect background for the big abstract painting.

Shy grey accent looks at home against white fabrics in this natural colored interior.

Cute and original accessories like these will be a focal point despite their neutral color.

Photos courtesy of  Tarja Kankaanpa-Salonen, Farrow and Ball, BODIEand FOU, West Elm, Elle Decor, madobolig.dk, Lilla Villa Vita.

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