Aug 17, 2012

orient inspired jewelry

There's something very enticing about oriental inspired jewelry...the mystique of the symbols, most of us don't really understand, the beauty of the lines and shapes, that seem to flow effortlessly, and yet require years to properly master, the sparse beauty of zen quality or the imperial opulence, it never stops to amaze or inspire. Here is a little collection of oriental themed goodies for your perusal.

Rachel Gera Bracelet
Vintage cloisonne dragon pendant

Tulip's Dance
Jude McConkey Photos

Lacquer bamboo with twisted silver
Linda Pastorino

Robert Ebendorf

Cinnabar and Onyx necklace
jericas jewelry
handmade asian inspired polymer earrings
Earth Expressions

Oriental hill series / N0157 Oxidized silver, white pearls, 24k yellow gold leaf
designers party

dragonfly earrings
Polymer Playin

Orchid Pendant

Treasures of the Orient

Japanese cotton quilted pendant
Mary Kenesson

Black and white fabric necklace

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