Jul 20, 2012

sea treasure

Coastal Dunes by Raelean Hall

Nothing feels more like being a world away than a walk along a deserted stretch of ocean shore, beachcombing for washed out treasure. The sea breeze mutes the brain chatter, and the treasure hunter in us focuses on things beneath our feet, brought from miles away for us to find, before someone else does. 
To conjure some of this feeling back for the time when the beach is too far away for a stroll, here I collected a few unique jewelry pieces, bringing the mystery of ocean depths and splash of the waves to your doorstep.

Sea Urchin Collection - Brass Pink Vintage Style Necklace

                                                          Sand and Pebbles - Seaglass Stack Pendant Necklace

Caribbean Shipwreck Pottery Pendant
Lost Galleon


Natural Doughtnut Earring

                     NINA MORROW driftwood jewelry
Rust Oval Pendant

Irish Sea Green Sea Glass Jewelry
Amber Collection
Danuta Burczik-Kruczkowska

Wrapped Stacked Blood Red Coral Earrings
Rena Klingenberg

 seahorse spyglass necklace

Silver Shell Earrings

Treasure Island vintage assemblage necklace

Amber wrap sea glass earrings
Lita Sea Glass Jewelry

Broches yalos alanya

                                                                                           yalos alanya

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