Dec 22, 2013

on my window this week

Using cake baking forms for something I'm much better at - mood boards of the passing moment...

I'm seriously hoping for pink, white and blue.

    photo copyright Galeria Rocco

Dec 10, 2013

Christmas tree wall hanging

Something different for a Christmas tree? No room for one? No problem.  You can hang it on the wall. Made from driftwood sticks and some rope, this Sydney tree not only is space and eco friendly, but it looks really good too. I would add some hanging candy...

photos by Henryk Lobaczewski

Dec 7, 2013

December votive jewelry

New necklace line from Bauble Arcade jewelry! 
These charm/votive/amulet necklaces are a threat…Using vintage items I have been collecting for a while, combined with contemporary ingredients, with a twist and a kink. I love making them, and I love wearing them too. However, for the first time they are for sale here

          All photos copyright Galeria Rocco

Many more to come soon!

Dec 6, 2013

December apple pie

My version of Charlotte cake for the month of December looks like this:

      photo copyright Galeria Rocco

         Have a great weekend!


Dec 3, 2013

dinner set pot plants

I own an old and very fragmented dinner set - no bowls, few cracked dinner plates, and some soup and sauce dishes without lids. One of those things you don't want to throw out, but don't quite know what to do with…until I got an idea. First there was one:

then another one:

Then the third:

and, since they seemed happy enough, I started playing around:

Anyway, it's just an idea.  To go and ride your grandma's sideboards, buffets and credenzas...

All photos copyright Galeria Rocco